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1,014 family/whanau, kindergarten, community, and special needs gardens built or supplied [including 1,368+ compost bins] by the growing TEAM since May 28th - 2016

I 2 Compost Challenge
Lincoln Heights School - West Auckland
Humble beginnings to start something beautiful.

Through Healthy Families Waitakere, MBGP were introduced to Lincoln Heights School. Before meeting their Associate Principal [Toby Kite] we were told he was a BIG picture thinker. He wanted to increase his school's vegetable garden and composting footprint so MBGP provided all the resources 'free of charge' to do so.

This next composting challenge aligns with kaiTOM VRace but can be treated singly teaching youngsters and families how to compost. If this works positively for them then the next step is to hold a working bee in early 2019 allowing families to engage with us so we can teach them how to deconstruct pallets to make raised garden boxes to take home.

So humble beginnings start with taking a compost bin and composting to build with us and get a raised garden box to lasagna garden in to grow vegetables in by Spring 2019.

This is a New Zealand 1st if all youngsters take home a compost bin and positively take up the challenge. As it will be if they all say yes to a backyard vegetable garden for a whole school. From a landfill diversion point of view a tremendous amount of green & organic waste can be diverted

Facebook details: Event | Bin prep

kaiTOM VRace
Launches at this years New Zealand Flower & Garden Show [NZFGS]
NZ Flower & Garden Show starts: Wedneday 28th Nov - Sunday 2nd Dec - 10am to 6pm daily.

FREE starter packs up for grabs at this years NZFGS.
Details of 'how to' on VRace website.

Hi everyone... it's been an interesting year connecting and doing gardens in the community this year. Plenty of challenges and insights gained. Thanks to all who have said yes to learning how to compost, lasagna garden, and grow vegetables. VRace is more of the same with more challenges added to up your game [or your TEAMs] from a knowledge and skillsets point of view.
Plus the entertainment factor is meeting at next years NZFGS to see how our efforts stack up against the rest... woo whoo!!

We've banged up a shell VRace website... more comprehensive details coming after the show/New Years... for we minimally have 420 compost bins as Christmas presents for a local primary school to prepare [finding out soon about another 800+ for more school youngsters]... so we're stretching ourselves for all the right reasons!
If you want to help out in compost bin prep... let me know, PM me on our Facebook group page found here

VRace website found here

WANTED [click image above - best on laptop/desktop]
Offer ends October 6th 2018
WANTED - 150 Waitakere City families/individuals who want to kick start their green thumb journey

Hi everyone... spring has sprung and a cracker day on September 1st and an interesting one today as I type [blustery, rainy... 4 seaons], September 2nd.

We've been working on a few interesting things especially that of rolling what we're doing out beyond Waitakere City, i.e. 3-5hrs drive north or south [Details out soon for the 2019-20 new season].

If what we are proposing is for you, or you know of anyone who has been thinking about vegetable gardening in Waitakere City, please share this with them.

Here is the link to register online. Click here

As soon as 10 register Brent will work out when the first working bee will be. You need to attend these to get free resources.

WANTED [click image above - best on laptop/desktop]
Offer ends October 6th 2018
When we built 4 vege stands in April 2018 and more recently dropping materials off for a vege stand home-build, our thoughts have always been challenging those who are keen to grow for themselves and whatever surplus 'paying it forward' as fresh produce in their vege stand.

As growers ourselves we've always believed and promoted 'grow food not lawns' & the 'food is free' movement. Learning to grow isn't everyones cup of tea but it's well within anyones ability.

So if this sounds like you, your street, and/or up to 2-3 neighbors & friends, we'd warmly welcome you as TEAM members and let's make it happen.

PM Brent if you want to be a street activator.
Those who want to register online just to start their green thumb journey with us click here

Links to making vege stands: 1 | 2

As soon as 10 register Brent will work out when the first working bee will be. You need to attend these to get free resources.

My Backyard Garden Project

To find out about what My Backyard Garden Project is all about please click the graphic above.
Inaugural year where predominantly a TEAM of single Mum's perservered with the idea of learning how to grow their own nutritious vegetables. 52 completed over 4 months.

Who are mix it live TV?

A few years back a group of us got together to see if we could come up with some new community events. Fast forward to now and MBGP is where it is at as a result of community networking and a lot of hard work [1,014 family/whanau, kindergarten, community, and special needs gardens later].

That said its what we haven't released thats interesting. Why interesting? Well in the same manner that MBGP can benefit families from all walks of life in most NZ communities, so too can our array of other events. That said Brent gets to introduce aspects of it through MBGP and when the livestream technology element becomes available... be sure to exploit it fully.

Our events are designed to serve communities know matter how BIG or small. How zany are they... well we hope to let you experience a taste of them in the not to distant future.
come mix it live with us