Event details out soon

Details about MBGP Waitakere Challenge out soon.
MBGP Rotorua Challenge

To find out about what the MBGP Rotorua Challenge is all about please click the graphic above.
My Backyard Garden Project

To find out about what My Backyard Garden Project is all about please click the graphic above.

Who are mix it live TV?

A few years back a group of us got together to see if we could come up with some new community events. Fast forward to now and MBGP is where it is at as a result of community networking and a lot of hard work [110+ family, whanau, and kindergarten gardens later].

That said its what we haven't released thats interesting. Why interesting? Well in the same manner that MBGP can benefit families from all walks of life in most NZ communities, so too can our array of other events. That said Brent gets to introduce aspects of it through MBGP and when the livestream technology element becomes available... be sure to exploit it fully.

Our events are designed to serve communities know matter how BIG or small. How zany are they... well we hope to let you experience a taste of them in the not to distant future.
come mix it live with us