1,014 family/whanau, kindergarten, community, and special needs gardens built or supplied [including 1,368+ compost bins] by the growing TEAM since May 28th - 2016

My Backyard Garden Project [MBGP]

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My Backyard Garden Project

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Inaugural year where predominantly a TEAM of single Mum's perservered with the idea of learning how to grow their own nutritious vegetables. 52 completed over 4 months.

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A few years back a group of us got together to see if we could come up with some new community project ideas. Fast forward to now and MBGP is where it is at as a result of community networking and a lot of hard work [1,014 family/whanau, kindergarten, community, and special needs gardens later].

Food Poverty is REAL and sometimes your pipeline dreams are put on hold so that one's immediate skills and knowledge can be put to good use to help to feed many. Very much 'teach a man to fish'
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